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What got you into chopping cars in the first place?

One day I was messing around with a picture of a bunch of friends of mine, I made their heads big and gave them all some strange features. Then I decided to look around on the net to find out what other people were doing with Photoshop. I found out that alot of people were out there chopping cars...I have always loved cars and car design, it just seemed natural.

What are your other hobbies other than chopping?

I like to go off-roading in my jeep and on my new quad. I also go to the gym about 3 times a week to play Wallyball, it's kinda like volleyball but in a raquetball court. Some other things I like to do are building model cars, geocaching and home improvement type things.

What kind of car do you drive?

I drive a 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ. It is my baby and I don't think I'll ever get rid of it, my Wrangler has very sentimental fvalue attached to it. It has a 2.5 in it and isn't fast at all but that's not what I need. It does well off road but it'll definately be growing up soon, I'm gonna lift it, bigger tires, a winch, and some odds and ends that'll make it better off road.

Do you plan on making a career out of chopping? If not what do you plan on doing?

Me, a career in chopping? HAHAHA, ummm, no way. I'd have a serious problem with deadlines, I can't seem to finish a chop these days, I've probably got 20 chops in progress as we speak and I'm not sure if they'll ever get done. As far as what I plan on doing with my the moment I'm working for my father-in-law doing surveying(land surveying, not calling people asking them questions), I'm in the field right now doing the grunt work but sooner or later I'll be in the office(air conditioning, ahhhhh) drawing maps and records of survey using mostly AutoCad. I've done quite a few maps for the boss already in my spare time just to show him that I know what I'm doing and he seemed to be impressed so hopefully soon I'll be raking in the big bucks and sitting in a cushy chair in the A/C...

What is your favorite web site and why?

My favorite website has got to be PSC, crazy huh. LOL, I've been around PSC since it just started to get big and stuck with it because I liked the people who were regulars. Times have definately changed and not as many of the old regulars are around much but we are getting new people everyday and I know that new people mean new choppers, new opinions and new help to the 'noobs'. That's what I always concentrate on is helping out the people who want to jump into this hobby, I love seeing people as excited about chopping as I was when I first started.

What do you think can do better?

PSC is improving every day and I don't really see anything as of yet that we can change for the better. The higher ups are doing a good job on keeping the site fresh and may take a little while to get something done but hey you know what they say...good things come to those who wait. I'm always throwing ideas around in the mod lounge and most of the ideas I come up with are a direct relfection of what other members are telling me or suggesting, so keep that in mind PSC members, your opinion really does make a difference here


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