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Creating A Star Pattern
This tutorial will show you how to create realistic star pattern in the sky.

Step 1:

Lets start with a new canvas of 600 X 400.


Step 2: 

Lets use the fill tool and fill it in black.

Step 3:

Lets duplicate our original layer by right clicking on the original layer and chosing duplicate layer. Make it a linear dodge.


Step 4:

On the new layer choose Filter/Noise/Add Noise. Choose something similar to what I have below


Step 5:

With the same layer selected choose Image/Adjustements/Levels. Make sure you choose something similar to what I have below.


Step 6:

It should look something like this thus far.


Step 7:

You will now be using the clone stamp tool.  Make sure you have the stamp tool set to the values that I have below.  Give it a Linear dodge mode, opacity of around 50% and flow of 100%.  Now its time to have fun.  Use the stamp on as many sections of the stars.  Clone away to your hearts content. 


Step 8: 

We will now merge the two visible layers of stars.

Step 9:

Once the two layers are merged we will use the Image/Adjustements/Levels tool and create a set similar to below.


Step 10:

We will then choose Image/Adjustments/Color Balance and chose what is below.


Step 11:

Once again it is Image/Adjustments/Levels.  Pick something similar to what we have below.


Step 12:

You should have something like this.



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