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Aftermerket Auto Lights - From Euro Tail Lights to Projector Headlights
 by: Melanie Nathan

The average driver isn’t aware that there are more stylish and advanced alternatives available to replace the OEM factory lights their vehicles came with. Thanks to the Aftermarket Accessory industry and products like euro tail lights and projector headlights we no longer have to put up with the dull “yellowish” headlights or generic “red & orange” tail lights we’re so used to. Aftermarket lighting will not only improve ones overall night driving experience but also offers a whole new look that can set a ride apart from all the rest. Most aftermarket lights are an easy install that can be done by almost anyone with a little mechanical knowledge and are manufactured to comply with current DOT/SAE standards making them a true “no hassle” upgrade.

Euro tail lights (also commonly referred to as clear tail lights, euro lights and altezza lights) are one of the most popular aftermarket lighting upgrades simply for their durability, ease of install and their ability to dramatically (and inexpensively) change the look of a vehicle. They are now available for most makes and models including; Acura Integra, Cadillac Escalade, Ford Escape, Ford Explorer, Chevy Malibu, Honda Accord, Chevy Colorado/Canyon and Toyota 4Runner.

Projector Headlights (also referred to as Halo Headlights or Angel Eyes) are lights that “project” therefore they are brighter and can project a beam in front of the vehicle farther than the factory headlights ever could. Diamond-Cut headlights are also bright but they offer a little more in the style department being that the inside of the light is carved somewhat like a diamond thereby offering the ability for the light to shine off multiple surfaces. Couple these headlights with aftermarket euro or LED (Light Emitting Diode) tail lights and you'll really light up the night sky!

And unlike many modifications, with most aftermarket lighting, there is no cutting, painting or drilling involved. You basically unscrew and “pop” out the factory light and screw the aftermarket one in place. Most lights will utilize the existing factory bulbs but since the lens on an aftermarket light is clear… the bulbs will appear much brighter and therefore are more visible offering increased safety while driving at night.

Thanks to innovative companies like In.ProCarWear, APC and TYC we now have thousands of quality replacement lighting products for vehicles to choose from including; euro tail lights, LED tail lights, projector and diamond-cut headlights, HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting kits, fog lights, clear corner lenses, side marker lights, sealed beam headlights, front and rear bumper lights, over cab running lights, park lights, signal lights (the list goes on!) which are all designed for a safer, more stylish ride.

About The Author

Melanie Nathan is the co-owner and webmaster of, a site specializing in cool aftermarket auto lights for many makes and models. Copyright© 2005-2006. Permission granted to reprint this article provided the webmaster supplies a live link to the authors website.


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