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  1. Chroming stuff found a good one.....
  2. nice easy and clean wheel change
  3. Beginner Tut: Chop Your Roof!
  4. Beginner Tut: Tint Your Windows!
  5. WTA: How to turn sedan to wagon or hatchback?
  6. How to make your own headlights in 10 easy steps **large pics**
  7. Easy Tutorial For Clearing Head/Taillight Lens
  8. [ask] How to make this car?
  9. Proper Use of Decals
  10. Easy to do Metallic Paint
  11. coloured window tints
  12. Pimping your myspace
  13. License Plate
  14. Water reflections, as requested.
  15. Da Question
  16. How to change car colour
  17. How To Change car colour, good version, only works on some cars
  18. G3's Beginners Guide to Photoshop
  19. Path To Photoshop Mastery
  20. All Good All Around Tutorial
  21. [Ask] How To Do This?
  22. New way of color changing
  23. how to make disturbingly realistic licence plates for the USA
  24. Airbrushing
  25. Need a tut on how to remove environment reflections from the car
  26. A noob wantin to know how to do brush bodykits
  27. Video on drawing a pickup
  28. Video on quick 3D car drawing
  29. Digital Painting Tutorial: Naughty Robot
  30. The Deadly Mistress - digital painting tutorial
  31. Headlights
  32. Clear Lights - The Right Way
  33. Highlights reflections on Paint in Vexel Style
  34. Air Brushing Tut.
  35. Creating a virtual ride
  36. black angel lights
  37. Carbon Fiber
  38. Is there a easy
  39. Photographic Effect.
  40. How To Lower A Car.
  41. Realistic Dents?
  42. Easy Vent Tutorial
  43. Rainbow headlight effect
  44. Colorizing a black car - by PSD
  45. Help !
  46. Gimp Tutorials
  47. How to colorize your car really fast!
  48. How to change color easy!
  49. Window Tinting - The Right Way
  50. Lowering
  51. reflect and brush tutor by peppus84 ;)
  52. car design
  53. i really need help
  54. how 2 ink chrome splater
  55. *REQUEST* Red to black paint change!!
  56. Video Tutorial lower and wheel change
  57. 100% Brush Tutorial!!
  58. mud splatter
  59. getting started
  60. mini car tutorial
  61. License Plates tutorial
  62. Sarge's Virtual Tuning Videos
  63. Chopping Tutorial
  64. help with rims
  65. Paint Concept Art Styled Headlights Photoshop Tutorial
  66. How to turn the headlights on
  67. Tut: Under Car Neon / LED - Lights
  68. Create a Golden Shield Illustration with Ivy Text Effect
  69. a mash of hints and tricks
  70. Turn design titles to 3D text using Photoshop
  71. Creating simple luminescent or glowing energy lines in Photoshop
  72. Creating Bright Web 2.0 style Heart icon using Photoshop
  73. Tilt Shift Effect made easy in Photoshop: Making things look like miniature figures
  74. Polished Raised Metal Styled Vector Text Using Illustrator
  75. Help
  76. matte paint