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09-08-2005, 06:21 PM
Hey guys.

Two weeks into school, and whoa, already pulled 3 all-nighters for GDI (Graphic Design I).

Thought I'd show off some of the work we're doing here @ Kent.

This is just the first exercise, but it's been going really well for me, the crits have been positive. Still work to do before the finals due on tuesday.

5 categories, one final spread due for each, must be an oerlying theme, mine is 'biking'

*body copy does not have to read*
*actual ones are InDesign docs @ 8.5"x11", 300dpi*

Horizontal/Vertical grid (3 or 5 column)
Diagonal Grid
Center Axis
Internal Structure (from photo)
Free Placement

here goes, lemme know what u think.

Horizontal/Vertical grid (3 or 5 column)

Diagonal Grid

Center Axis

Internal Structure (from photo)

Free Placement

09-08-2005, 10:09 PM
Well, I'm by far a pro at design or anything but here's my opinion....

1st one
-I like the look of it
-The text is kind of confusing, the red quote("Today I did well-") is in the middle of all the other text and it through me off when I started reading
-The horizontal 'stripes' through the bike kind of throw the picture off, but I'm guessing this has something to do with the project, maybe add a border around each column(red maybe)?

2nd one
-Good look to it, I like everything about it...probably my favorite

3rd one
-Like this one too, I like the layout of it(if you haven't noticed I like the 'simple' ones)

4th one
-It put together well but just not my style, too busy for me....maybe if the picture in the bg was b&w I could handle it but I'm sure some people like color so don't listen to me...

5th one
-I like this one too but the guys at the bottom seem to stand out to much, especially since some of the text overlaps them, make the text kind of dissappear...but who knows, maybe thats what you were going for...

As I said, I'm hardly a pro at this stuff, just telling you what my eye sees...don't take anything to heart :D ...