View Full Version : How to watermark a folder full of pictures in a snap!!

06-20-2006, 02:33 PM
Ok for this we are going to use the automation function in photoshop for those who do not know look it up.

Now, first off open up one image this is just diminstration photo to let photoshop know what you want to do when you select that action.

Ok goto that action pallete which looks like this and select new action.


Now name it watermark.


Now click ok and now add your water mark wether it would be your website name or logo and if it is in the image lower the opacity until you can see it barley like so.


Now you want to stop the recording so click the stop button which looks like this:


Now close that image and save it if you would like and now it is time to start on your folder of pictures, so go to file -> automate -> batch and you should get something like this.


And make sure you have your watermark action selected and in the source area click the button "choose" to select the file where all the pictures you want to get watermarked

Now click ok and it should do all the work for you and close and save all you pictures.