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02-08-2007, 05:54 AM
Okay… As you know... my english in not very well, so please if there´s an admin correct heavy mistakes :D

I´ll show you a way for brushing-newbies how you can brush an Front-vent (don´t know the right word)

This way you can use for nearly everything... The vents in the hood i made them this way too.

I think it´s a good start for brushing, before you brush everything yourself.

But before... You should work exactier than me in thin tutorial ^^

First of all you open your pic where the Entry should be.


Then you serch an Entry which you like und which is nearly the same Perspective. The resolution and the quality is not that important

I take this one:


Now you select the basic form from the vent.

like this:


Create a new layer, make a right-klick and fill your outline with a color that you can easily see on your chop.

Same with the details of the vent.


fill again your outline.

If you switch your Background invisible it could look like this:


Copy your outline and paste them onto your chop.

could look like this:


Free transform your outline to the place the vent shoud be.

Like this:


Now you create 4 new layers via copy the parts of the vent.

These 4 Layers you should create:

I´ve just shifted them so you can see them better.

Take care that your layer with the basic form of the vent is at the lowest position of those 4 layers..


Now switch to tha layer with th basic form. load your selection and paint it with the right color. I take the color from the lip.

Now take a huge brush like 250 or more pixels, Sharpens 0 %, select color black and start carefully drawing a shadow from above.

like that:


The little part of the right shoudl be darker… switch to that layer load the selection and lower the brightness. Just until you like it.


I would have my points grey, so i switch to the layer of the left one, load the selection and paint it grey... after that...Again with an huge brush a little shadow from the left.

like that:


same on the right side:


Now you switch to the layer with the basic form, load your selection, create a new layer, shift the layer to the upper position und fill your outlines with the color white.


now you take an soft eraser... big point and sharpens 0 % and erase everything on the left… a little bit above and below… set the Cover strength to ca. 45 %.... Just try how it looks.

At the end it should look like this


Now this looks like a toon... You should place reflections on it ;)

Hope i could help somebody.

Yours Muffi :)

desert ICE
02-08-2007, 03:15 PM
dont forget to change the background...

02-08-2007, 05:12 PM
admin can we get this pinned please

thanks to muffi for this
it will help alot of people out there including me :P