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05-31-2009, 10:06 PM
Right to help my younger brother aswell as those who cannot brush vents on here i made a vent tutorial which takes me 5 minutes to make a vent using. I made it completely by myself. If you do require help contact me via PM or email address supplied at the bottom of the thread.

How to make vents the VERY easy way.

Firstly open up your image that you wish to add a vent to, make sure there is enough room for a went to be added on the bodywork.
I'll be using an Audi RS6 AVANT, and i will make a quick side skirt to house the vent.

Right i've made the side skirt now its time to start making the vent, you can do whatever shape you wish, i like using a basic rectangle shape with a slight curve.
Firstly create your shape using the Polygonal lasso tool.


then copy and paste the layer then go to 'Image' >> 'Adjustments' >> 'Brightness/Contrast' and change the brightness to -15% then click ok


Now that is done select the layer (Ctrl + click on the layer until it forms that shape of your vent.) then we will start adding the highlights etc. Using the Polygonal lasso tool go round the bottom of the vent to form this shape, you will need it to be this or a very similar shape to this so it foms the highlight.


Once you've got the selection go to 'Image' >> 'Adjustments' >> Brightness/Contrast and change the brightness to +80% and click ok.


Right now we've got the highlight done its time to do the top shadow to give the vent some depth. For this press Ctrl and click on the layer to select it. Once you've done this get the paint brush tool and set it to 49px with the colour pallette being black and slowly brush a shadow on, try and make it neat as possible to get a decent effect. once this is done unselect it.


Right, now that is done we can start adding the rest of the vent again using Ctrl and clicking on the vent layer to select it make a vent shape (The hole in which would make up the actual vent.) then once you've got your desired shape paint it black and check that it is looking correct.


We now have most the vent built up so its time to add the finishing touches and to make it complete. Start off by selecting the layer (Ctrl+Clicking on the layer) then getting the black brush and just adding some shadows into the vent. Although you wont get the same effect as mine, use multiple layers to create a realistic looking shadow.


The vent is just about complete, at the left side it has a straight edge which looks very unsightly so we'll grab the eraser and erase it to match the bodywork.
Once you've erased it into the bodywork neaten out the sharp lines using the eraser. Heres what it looks like at 100% Then make sure you flatten your image by going to 'Layers' >> 'Flatten Image'


Final Result after adding shading to the bottom of the side skirt


If you require any help email me on boroboyben2007@hotmail.co.uk

Hope you find it easy to follow, email me if your stuck.

06-16-2009, 08:29 AM
ARGH!!!! noooo!!!!!

All is well apart from step 2!!! dont lower the brightness otherwise u get this shar square edge u have above major d'ohage

instead select it like u did in ste 1 then

get your brush
set opacity and flow to around 40% and slowly brush until the area is dark

this allows you to have nice dark areas without the square edge!

sorry ben great tuts by the way just reading through them

06-16-2009, 11:02 AM
I agree with Fat totally.
Its actually wrong from a lighting standpoint anyway to have that whole area one color and then show that it gradually recesses as evidenced by the highlight.
The correct way would be to fill the initial selection shaoe with a gradient that starts with the same color as the skirt and ends in a slightly darker shade.
In order for body mods to look realistic, the first rule of thumb is to use existing colors from the car effectively!
This is Photochop 101.
You essentially broke that rule in your first colorization step, therefore your final result looks unrealistic and more like a bad cut and paste.
I think the tute has merit in the way it outlines the steps and everything else colorwise looks fine but...
Sorry bro, even tho I appreciate your effort I would not recommend this method to anyone wanting to learn to chop and obtain the best results.

06-16-2009, 12:30 PM
Well still its good for people just starting out and wanting to get to grips with starting to make their own stuff.

06-16-2009, 01:19 PM
Right on bro.