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Statz Attitude
06-25-2009, 06:40 AM
I found this tut on how to brush but then i got a prob. I don't know how to make these red lines can anybody help me pls


06-25-2009, 07:32 AM
If you dont know how to make a line, your not ready for what we do here.
Find some tutes on learning Photoshop basics, ie: using tools and specifically, making lines.
I suggest learning how to use the pen tool.

"You cant learn how to run without first knowing how to stand up on two feet."

Sorry bro, were not here for training noobs in Photoshop.


OK im confused. I just saw a chop you posted in the Auto Chops section that looks pretty damn good.
I guess its possible (although somewhat bizzare) that you have learned to cut and paste but still dont know how to make a line. (so, you have essentially learned to run before learning to stand up and you are basically a freak of nature! Haha, just kidding.)
What you see there in the tute is merely a series of colored lines made by what I would guess to be the pen tool, judging by the smooth bezier curves. The pen tool works with paths that are comprised of anchor points which basically breaks the line into sections which you can individually manipulate to create smooth curves (beziers). Lines can then be stroked with color or connected to create sections and then in turn filled with color. Once the line is created you simply go to edit>stroke or in your layer options select the paths tab and click the little circle icon to strke it with the color and current brush size you have set in your pallet.
Its possible to make these using the polygonnal lasso but it doesnt work with paths and doesnt offer bezier curve capability, so you have to end up making many many many many more anchor points that are very close together to simulate a curve.
There you go dude, go make some lines !

Statz Attitude
06-25-2009, 01:51 PM
Hahaha thanks Bee, I was just bout to get angry and be like I know how to chop okay rides. I guess there is still things i need to learn bout the pen tool. Again, thanks CHUCH