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03-26-2010, 12:41 PM
We've had some great member to member battles in the past! Also, some not so great battles because of unclear rules or lost interest...

If you’re new to this forum or battles and you’re not absolutely 100% sure how battles work then READ THIS FIRST! This is a brief description with a basic template for those who want to participate or start their own battles.

Battle creation guidelines (starting your own battle):

Rules:- If you don’t think you can dedicate your time to creating and monitoring the battle then please don’t start one. They are for members with a bit of dedication who plan on outlining details and posting up the final poll displaying all the images of the contestants. It is important to battle hard or not at all and if you are creating the battle, it is your job to ensure it is run well, gains interest and is a success. It starts with clear guidelines.
- Try to title your battle as follows <BATTLE + namewhateveryouwant> (Examples, “BATTLE - Euro Cars Battle” “BATTLE - Acura NSX Team ” “BATTLE - 90’s Trucks Battle” Do not call it a "PSC" battle).
- Base your battle off of the template below to ensure you don’t miss any details. Things like time zones and strict themes can be very important.
- When suggesting a base please ensure the maximum size and highest resolution is provided. You can make images smaller but making them bigger hurts the quality.

Deadline Date: mm/dd/yyyy
Deadline Time: 00:00 Time zone: EST
Base: <insert link to base here>
Theme: <specific theme or none>
Voting: <poll/public vote in thread/committee vote>
Full details: <any other rules or details you would like to add on.. battle cry, battle rally, get people interested, BATTLE!>

Battle participant guidelines (participating in a battle):

1) If you’re unsure about dedicating your time to the battle or the chop then don’t bother entering in. Battles are for serious members who actually plan on completing and submitting their chops.
2) Do not post your “chop in progress” or completed chop in another section of this forum before the due date. Getting C + C before the actual competition can be unfair towards your opponents and should not be tolerated. If you want to get individual comments on your chop then feel free to post it in the Auto Chops section after the battle is finished.
3) Ensure that you read the full details before asking what the base is or suggesting your own base. In most battles, the base should be the same car unless specified otherwise. If it’s the same base then you do not have the freedom of chopping your own car, you must use the image provided.
4) Due dates for final chops are usually posted in the battle discussion thread. If you finish your chop early, you can always submit your chop to whoever the designated poll creator is. You must submit your chop by the due date. Due date with Timezone will be posted by the battle creator.

These are the basic guidelines and a work in progress, if you have any questions or suggestions you can PM me or a mod or ask the designated battle creator.

Have fun chopping:D.

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03-26-2010, 12:56 PM
Thread stickied and closed. Battle guidelines are a work in progress, if you have any questions or suggestions you can PM mglavina or a mod.

Mike Minnillo
04-01-2010, 03:22 AM
as a side note, if you create a battle, but for some reason are unable to host the poll/need help with doing so, feel free to contact me. as witnessed with the march battle, im usually available to help out where needed.