View Full Version : Lineart - 96-01 GC8 Impreza

06-07-2010, 03:57 AM
Hey all, Im new and this is my first line art ever. Im creating it for a car decal. Ive done many other things like forum signatures and customizing cars with photoshop.

This is still a rough draft. 3am Photoshops haha. But I plan on cleaning it up a lot, evening everything out, and more. Any tips and comments are welcome :)


06-07-2010, 06:56 AM
You got a LOT of jagged edges here. Use the pen tool, it should help out a lot, I'm guessing you're using the polygonal lasso tool, it doesn't work very well for things like this. Your tires look a bit narrow as well. Keep going on it, and let us know how it turns out for you.