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07-11-2010, 06:04 AM
hey people, im back. i lost photoshop for some time but ive got back now and ive started all over again (i lost all my previous work with my old comp). to start off im brushing a new kit on this nissan to make sure i can still do it :L, any ideas on what i cud do? :) oh yeah and i want it to look as realistic as possible :)


wip 1

wip 2

07-11-2010, 07:51 AM
Seems like a top notch so far! Some perspective issues on the rear kit, but you've still got time to fix it! :)

07-11-2010, 03:13 PM
cheers man, hopefully fixed it noww :P

07-12-2010, 09:07 AM
Yeah, looks better! Maybe add a bit roundness to the very bottom of the rear kit, to create a bit more realistic look. The far and also needs some work, but as it's a wip, I'm not too worried about that :D Looking good!