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Dj Twinkles
02-01-2011, 03:56 PM
YO whats happening forum... Been a hectic first month for me... Been busting my *** looking for a job... Still nothing... This weekend was in a car accident where I hit a little girl ok more like she hit me... Luckily no one was hurt she stood up with a few scratches and I walked away with a pants full on poop and a dented car... ok nuff bout that... Started this project today... Havnt chopped since back then... No body mods added just yet but will surly be added ... Trying a new brush style of this one.. Obviously the final product wont be yellow but the donar is yellow so wont over complicate things... Idea's and criticism is welcome and appreciated...



02-01-2011, 06:06 PM
Can't make any judgements now, but im sure some creativity will follow.

Good to see you back.

02-01-2011, 08:55 PM
Twink! Nice to see you back! Looks like a good start, can't wait to see more of it.

02-21-2011, 06:10 AM
old friends again so nice to see all of you back the forum was going to die :(
now i see more peter a lot of member nice more now

i was looking on facebook about group for Photoshopchop and guess what
i didn't found any what about to make one for us

and all of us will join inside it more ideas more work

and about your ride DJ cant wait to see the 4 WiP not 2 ;)