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copeidge 07-27-2009 02:38 PM

how to brush..??
iam a bit confused, if i have an image how do i brush it?
create a new layer above with 50% ish opacity and just use a brush tool with different shades..?? i can imagine it take agggeeeessss!!!! lol


sih393 07-27-2009 06:44 PM

There's a few tutorials out there to help with brushing. Best one I know of is by Martin Pilskh (sorry if your name is spelt wrong ;) ). It's on DA somewhere and google etc.

It does take ages (well, sometimes - if your good at it then it'll take less time - practice makes perfect! :) ) I spend hours on brushing. Gets tedious at times but in the end it's normally worth it!

CJ-D3S16N 11-18-2009 10:31 PM

Brushing is pretty easy.
Im starting to learn brushing.It just takes time.
Basic thing to look out for when brushing:
1.Dont make the paint look flat(EX. Silver Car:Use different shades of silver to make it look more realistic.
2.Lasso Little parts to brush first.
3.Try to get used to your surrounding when brushing ,like if there if for ex. Bushes , lasso the bush and then place it on the car and lower the transparency
4.Be sure to start off with non-colors(Blacks/Whites)
5.When you get the hang of brushing start doing colors(Red,Orange,Green etc.)

Thats basicly all the things you need to know about brushing.
If you have any questions pm me;)

xoombee 11-19-2009 01:56 AM


or you can go to Martin Pliksh's tutorial as mentioned earlier.
here is the link to the tutorial

AzZzA 11-19-2009 04:16 PM

Old Thread Dude, and CJ Pen tool dude not lasso ;)

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