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Default My 3d Vtec Engine, rims and such

All this has been self taught and done in 3ds max 5. I'm thinking on finishing of my schooling by doing this kinda stuff. I was Mechanical Engineering because I wanted to work with solidworks but it's too picky and I hate / suck at calculus.

Heres my work so far.

This engine was intended for a game so it's not completely detailed to the max like I know I can but whenever I have more time i'll start the more realistic stuff.

Turbo Setup

Mugen Style Cover I made

SR20DET Cover

A car that I designed after hearing about the Areil Atom

Vtec engine in that car, new texture on the valve cover

Nintendo Wii, Not completed but I measured everything so it's close to perfect scale.

Me messing around with a few parts that I made to promote my brothers business, needs more work but it was just to have fun with

98% of this stuff is completely made by me from scratch. But the other 2 percent was modified which was basically just the engine block and cylinder head which looked like two boxes. I also have a ton more rims but I haven't rendered them.

Base by:cm108kph Everything else by me :CaptivaBlueTeg
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