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Default Junkyard Rods...WIP

Not sure which section of the forum best fits I'll post it here....

Hoping to give you some ideas on creating illustrations... This is how I work when I create an illustration in Paint Shop Pro and sometimes Painter...

Tools I be using:

Sketchup (free version)
Vue Pro Studio 7.0 (or Bryce can also be used)
Paint Shop Pro X2 Ultimate
Topaz Adjust Filter for PSPP
Painter IX.5 (possibly)

Using the FREE but very capable 3D modeler Wings3D ( I quickly model what I envision a junkyard garage to be... My modeling is very rough as I will not be texturing this model in a 3D environment. But rather I will be painting over and applying textures to the 3D render in Paint Shop Pro...

Screen captures of the rough model within Wings3D

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