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Its easy bro.

Obtain and learn basics of Photoshop or some other extensively capable graphics editing program.
Find a nice high resolution picture of your favorite automobile.
Go to our tutorials section and attempt to modify said picture using the specific methods and expert instructions contained therein.

Research has shown that Chopping can become addictive and in most cases leads to obsessive behaviorisms that may or may not have adverse effects on a normal lifestyle.
Such effects can include but are not limited to: Moodyness, insomnia, blurred or degenerative vision, hair loss, hearing loss, malnutrition, emotional blunting, intellectual deterioration, social isolation, disorganized speech and behavior, delusions and hallucinations, reduced sexual activity, impudence, skin rashes, euphoria, and suicidal thoughts.

Before learning to chop it is advised you consult with a doctor for a complete physical examination and psychic evaluation to determine if chopping is right for you.

Those who then choose to chop, do so at their own risk.

PSC and its affiliates are exempt from all liability and will not be held accountable for any resulting conditions or afflictions attributed to chopping or any of the other abnormal activities that have been associated with it.

Thats it dude, have fun !
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