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Default UH-60 Blackhawk (work project)

So here was my first work project. It was fairly short notice, so I only had a couple days to get it done. Those couple days measuring out to be about 10 hours or so of total work time. The project was to take the concept tank that was modeled in Solidoworks and put it on pictures of the actual aircraft making it look somewhat real. Since this is only a concept, we have no tank to show suggestion was using these for the presentation giving them the next best thing.

I found some fairly decent base images of the aircraft to use and then was able to manipulate the 3d model in solid works to get a fairly accurate angle of the tank to draw. The screen shots out of solidworks showing the tank base are not the angles I used, but at least show you what I had to work with.

I do realize there are some mistakes, but considering the time frame...and comparing these to photoshopped images they had purchased before, I think they turned out pretty decent.

hope you like

Base Aircraft Images:

Base Tank Images from Solid works:

Final Product:

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