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Default Graphic Design/Photography/Other Stuff

Well Christmas was good, I got a lot of stuff done, none of it planned, and everything i wanted to get done...didn't.

Anyway here is some stuff I did.

Christmas Present for a friend



Printed on Canvas and wrapped around:
Excuse the quality, I am too lazy to get the good pics of my camera.

Fun work for someone else to give to their wife:

I don't have any good pics of it atm. I will try and post up my photoshop file, as well as my WIP's promises though.

I know some of this stuff is sorta like auto chops, but it's with it.

Over the break I also designed 4 family Christmas cards, which did all get printed. There was also some other random stuff, like video games...Assasin's Creed Brotherhood FTW.
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