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Default looking for somone to do me a favor.

hi im looking for somone to do me a favor an toon my r/c cars i race im sponsord bye three diffrent companies an i have an idea what im looking for ive got pics of somthing close to what i want if anyone can help plez my email is!/photo.php...type=1&theater
here is what im looking for ive got pics on my facebook of my r/c or i can send them too you i want somthing close to this but with my colors an spongebob were the zombie is. cuz all my rc is painted an wraped like spongebob an were spooker says put my name.!/photo.php...type=1&theater my rc latemodel!/photo.php...type=1&theater my rc sprintcar my modifed i have make it same as the r/c latemodel only thing id need is somone to add the sprintcar an change color might be a lil easer for you guys . plz email an lmk if u can. or just post what u can . thanks Eric Gann
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