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Default Edit for Magazine

For those who missed my other post on it, I have started a car magazine, based in Southern Ontario for now, but has room to grow. I do all the photography and design for it. Here is an idea of one of the spreads I put together.

My intention when taking the photo was to do an HDR photo, but I really didn't like the look I got from that, so instead I simply used my favorite parts of each photo. Basically one for the exterior, one for the interior, and one for the car.




The type hanging in the doorway may have used bricks from another shot (I can't remember). It was done quickly, and without too much time or thought put into it. The chain was just made up in photoshop, then I had to think of the shadows as well. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.


The originals are straight out of camera, and were RAW files. This definitely helped with editing the colours to where they are now. It is all very pale in the original shots.

Really cool car as well! Around 700 hp, the rear rims are 15x15, which you would have to custom order if you wanted today. The shop in the background is also really cool. The area where this shop is has a lot of drag racing history. Several drag racing World Champions have called this area home.
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