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Originally Posted by Martin-Andre View Post
Looks like you got some work cut out for you.
Lines look good and smooth, looking forward to seing more of it.
Thanks, this one's going to be a good challenge that's for sure. I tend to push myself and my own limits that way in most everything I do.

*This may be so simple that I'm overlooking it... I'm not sure why the sample image is looking all splotchy around the contour lines when viewing the larger size. They aren't there in my photo editing program, so I'm trying out different host sites and their links to see which are producing best viewing results for the fine details I add into my images.

Any suggestions for full-size viewing links without these distorted splotches would be appreciated. My posted images are jpg's at 300ppi. Is there a better or preferred resolution (or size) setting for posting? Or does a different file format work better for the forums; tiff or png maybe?

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