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I am a moderator still; but I have no way of actually removing the spammers. I can delete threads all day long though. lol

Here's a few more I can throw in:

Dodge Magnum show-car, Toon-style:

'66 C10 Suburban; essentially a paintjob.

Jeep Renegade; panel, lift & widebody added. Though I couldn't find a good donor for the rear wheel, so I left it. lol

Audi S5; request render. Nothin' special, just a "dip job" for a client

Here's a few old ones from here you might recognise, and because they're pretty old, don't expect the best quality. lol

VW Scirocco; go-fast mods with basic paintjob.

PASMAG winner - Dodge "22" Caliber: (and yes, i know it's a small caliber in gun-speak. lol)

Ford Mondeo 4x4:

Alfa Romeo Competizione':

Chrysler "300LS" Coupe:

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