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as of right now its looking like a rpg but with the feature of either playing in first or third person but im trying to keep it as far away from final fantasy as i can so yeah there will be blood and gorebut with an actual system to it not like a button masher as of right now the story line is based in the future about 300 hundred years from now ill release more info as i can i just started on it about a mont ago and im just now getting back from vacation so you guys are going to be the first to hear everything and im trying as hard as i can to keep the graphics you see as the way itll look when your playing it not just in the movie clips so itll be very realistic i hope but its going to take up alot of space so i really need to update my system i figure when its done the game might span 2 max 3 dvd roms
im just shooting for something that has never been done before youll see what i mean in time when i release more shots / movies and info
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