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Smile 3D Turbocharger

Been a while since I posted, got a reminder email lol. Currently, I'm building an Oil Free Turbo in 3ds MAX. This is for the Hardcore Modeling Contest #18 on The theme for this is "Cutaway".

Here's a link to my WIP thread on CGTalk----> HCM#18 - Turbocharger

Started out with the basic shape of the housings and CHRA .

Built the impellers and bearings...

Since my original shapes were symetrical, I had to go back and correct the housings. Here's the updated compressor housing.

Then I just had to do some cutting and add the compressor outlet and exhaust inlet.

Then I started on the Foil Air Bearings that are used in this particular turbo. From left to right - Sleeve, Bump Foil, Top Foil, Journal.

Here's a close up with some materials.

Someone on cgtalk gave me the idea to do an external wastegate.

Just have to connect the wastegate to the uppipe, finish a few other little things, and I think I'll be done.

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