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Here's an update

Still need to separate the door and trunk. I have to play around with detatching the door since I can't seem to get it to come out looking right. It also needs some little fixes so it's not as bumpy in some areas. I also added my own lip kit that gives it a suttle aggressive look.

looking reall good man. which method did u use to model the car? the one i use (also the only one i know lol) is using a plane. but i always like to learn methods
I did it kind of like people do when they do splines where they trace out the lines of the car. But I did it using planes and just extended and shifted planes in and target welded. It worked out better than doing it with just planes for me, the curves of the cars never seemed to come out right to me. It's been a trial and error thing for me so far.

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