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Gotta give you some credit bro, you have stuck with this and made some really good progress.
For me, I simply wont do WIP's but its definitely good for others to see just how difficult these things are and the amount of time and effort thats involved.
I also think you have recieved some pretty good feedback that has helped you along.
Heres a couple things I see.
I know you are reluctant to do so but you have to darken the wheels. I mean REALLY darken them.
Also your ground shadow with the sun at this angle should be alot larger on this side of the car.
Get the head lights in there and get something in those dark spaces in the bumper, IC and some piping maybe. Even if you reduce the opacity to where you can barely see it, it will look a whole lot better than just a black void.
Keep at it and good luck.
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