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Here are some of my most recent sketches. Most of them are uncompleted, cause I ran out of ideas and time. I spent between 10 and 45 minutes on these, including interuptions, cause I did most of them at work and normally I should do other stuff there.

This was a very quick one, not more than 10 minutes of time spent (obviously)

This was pretty time consuming, mostly because of the tribal hair. I'm not done with it yet, got to think of something special for the hair.

I got sick of this guy pretty fast. Maybe someday I'll finish the sketch.

This one I really don't like, but some of my colleagues loved it. Not finished at all tho.

I really like this one, cause it's very difficult for me to draw girls.

Did this one yesterday. I tried something new with the shades, turned out quite good I think.

Let me know what you think and what I should improve.

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