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Default BATTLE - AZZZAS PSC March Battle

Hello People Okay, Its march now. I'm hoping for
some-more contestants. So You're probably wondering
what are we chopping now. Its going to be a Ford Fiesta.
The good old one. Which Imo Needs alot of brush .. so
who in with me ... roll up roll up


Deny any of these i will kick yo' A$$!

Actually, break these rules, and I will break you.


1. No Stealing from Chops.
2. No Swearing in Chops
3. No Nudity in Chops.
4. No Posting W.I.P's
5. Nor Posting in Auto Chops
6. Let the best man win!

Click Banner For Base

Cheers People!

1. AzZzA

ok, heres the deal, since he hasnt been on in several days. i will take over a host the poll. the deadline is 31 march, 12pm MST. for you guys in europe, thats 6pm GMT. PM your entries to me, Mike Minnillo, and i should have the poll up the following day.

the last post i saw with the enrty list was by chopperkidd on 14 mar, and showed 9 entries. if there are anymore, feel free to enter, just have them in by the specified date and time.


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