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i work in a bodyshop as a paint technition, and saw this thread. if you want to pinstripe something but your skill level is low the easyest option / options is to:

get some thin and i meen like 4mil masking tape,and do the design with that, then leave a four mill gap and lay down another peice of tape so that theres a gap between both peices then get your pinstriping brush and just go around it and you dont have to worry bout lines being off or paint runs.

the other option is to get an airbrush and follow the above just airbrush the pinstripe on.

yes it takes skill to pinstripe and to airbrush free hand, but theres nout to be ashamed of saying i masked it to help me create a good quality pinstripe/airbrush, at the end of the day you wouldnt be able to tell.
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