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Default Helping out a friend, appreciate a look.

Hey guys, I haven't been on in awhile due to school/work but I have an inquiry. One of my good friends is getting married next year and has came to me to help him design the wedding invitations. It's been awhile since i've messed with PS but i'm getting back into now.

One of his wishes was too have two inlerlocking wedding rings but in the shape of a heart you could say. I've done some looking on to try and find some basic images to go off from but most of what I find is the overused stacked rings:

I was trying to just draw them up myself and use masking and styles to get the desired effect but my presets on here are messed up or something. Might have to boot everything to default settings because i've been having a problem with my mask:

So basically if anyone gets bored or has seen something close to the "V" interlocking rings I would appreciate a link or anything that could help. Not asking for anything special just if you come across anything it would be awesome

Thank you.
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