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CHOPS IN PROGRESS For all those unfinished chops. Try to keep things clean in the auto chop section and post all those works in progress right here.

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Default Chevy Impala Background Change and Motion

So I went to a LOT of car shows this summer. I don't do many chops anymore, but I probably photoshopped more cars than most of you guys this year.

This is a WIP using two photos I took. I fell a little in love with the car, and the angle was just begging to have something like this done to it. This might end up in a magazine, or on a poster, or maybe just posted online. I haven't decided yet.

Would love to get some feedback on the progress so far.

Base Car:

Base BG:


If any of you guys are looking for hot rods to chop, let me know. I'm sitting on a few thousand photos from my summer. I'm willing to supply you guys with some if there are any requests, and if I have a photo of what you're looking for.
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