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OFFICIAL PSC CONTEST Prior & Running contests and anything contest related.

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Question Contest Rules & Guidelines


New rules!

We are now allowing bigger images, and bigger filesizes! Specifically 1024x768 or 1280x1024 are the size requirements for entries, your choice between the two sizes. Also note that Website URL’s or text on the photo are conditionally not allowed.


As expected, here are the guidelines that participants must follow to ensure that we have a quality contest and that all members have fun!
  1. Size: (1024x768 OR 1280X1024) All contest entry photos MUST have a resolution of exactly 1024x768 OR 1280x1024 - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Quality: Photos should be a good quality .jpg with a Maximum filesize of roughly 300KB.
  3. Title: Please title your entry when submitting your entry. Any entries such as ‘copy of contest 67.jpg’ or ‘contest 67’ will be deleted. Try to be creative. If you cannot think of a title, use the Contest name for your title. (A description of your entry and a modification list is also desirable but not mandatory.)
  4. Filename: The filename of your entry should be in this format:
    Example: dodgehornet-contest52-yourname.jpg
    IF YOU WANT AUTHOR CREDIT FOR A CHOP (PASMAG for example), PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE YOUR NAME IN THE FILENAME. Full real name OR forum username, your choice. Contest images (example: Contest 58) which have a placeholder for a name, must be filled in.
  5. Deadline: All entries are to be submitted to the contest gallery before the deadline. The deadline is posted in the contest gallery.
  6. Limit: Each member is permitted to submit only 1 entry per contest.
  7. Photoshop: Though most of us use Photoshop, you are free to use any photo editing software.
  8. Appropriate: Your photo cannot include nudity or vulgar content. BS entries will be removed at our discretion.
  9. Stealing: For automotive related contests; Do not use parts from other photo chopped cars unless it is a publicly available part such as those available in the chopshop or a part that you obtain directly from a manufacturers photo, etc. In short, do not steal original parts from photo chopped images of other members. Ask in the forum if you need clarification.
  10. Voting: Do not solicit others to vote for your entry. Final voting will be tallied by our voting system then final approval by our staff.
  11. Cheating: Don't even try to cheat in anyway... you WILL be caught and banished from forever.
  12. Insignia: Website URL’s or text on the photo are not allowed.
    Decals, artistic paint jobs, or pinstripes and designs are ok so long as they are a part of your design. This is to prevent entrants from trying to hide imperfections in their entry.
    Personal logos of usernames are allowed and should be inserted in one confined area of the entry.
  13. Prizes: Prizes when available will be received ‘as is’ and at the winner’s expense. (shipping/payment transfer fees/etc)
  14. Please check each contest announcement for any special conditions that might exist outside of these general rules.
  15. Terms: All contest entrants agree to the terms and conditions of this Website.
  16. The rules are important but as flexible as possible. We want a good quality fun contest! However, entries will stay or be removed at our discretion and the rules are subject to change at any time.

To view our past and present contests, check out the contest gallery!
If you need help submitting a contest entry or voting on an entry, view this article:
Announcements and details are posted in the forum, you can also ask questions here:

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