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ANNUAL AWARDS Awards to be generated right here. Vote on a poll.

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Talking 2011 awards

now were aware this hasn't happened for ages!!!how ever were bringing them back!!!!!!

very simple just nominate who you feel deserves each award from the catergorys below!

closing date is tb decided among mods and our god and prophet mondala


Net Nazi
For the member that moderates the hell out of you

Post Whore
To the member that posts about anything and everything just to increase his/her post count. Posts about nothing important at all.

Chopper of the Year
The member that displays sheer talent over the year. The chopper with the best skills.

Forum Comedian
For the member that is always light hearted and funny, but not too much to be annoying. There is a fine line with this award. This member must be a regular

Forum Encourgement
For the member that gives the best encouragement

Forum Lurker
For the member that just lurks and does not post quite that often, but is always kicking around in the active user list

Forum Diplomat
For the member that always is able to difuse tough situations from Forum Trolls

Forum Originality
This award is for the user that provides unique photoshops and always has something out of the ordinary and has a unique style

Forum Troll
For the member that does nothing but cause trouble and start **** with other members. This user has more deleted posts then actual valid ones.

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