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Posted by: FPM

Why you should keep chopping


Hey everyone, long-time-absent-member Panda here. I wish I had a chop or a toon or something to show off for the new guys to go "ehh, you're mediocre," lol, but no, I've got something of an inspirational/sermon post.

If it hasn't happened yet, chances are someone will say "You should spend less time on cars and that crap." I know I had my fair share, parents and computer teachers namely. An art teacher every now and again. I'm writing this as a testament to why this so-called crap betters us as artists. Don't stop doing this just because someone says so, most of them are just jealous they can't.

We work in a field where the tools we use change constantly for the better, and as such, the quality of work we can put out. Us older guys (Carty, Tony, Joemomma, Jetster, etc.) can appreciate just how far this little community of ours has grown. I've seen everything from gearheads like Striker to pure concept artists like AMV and Glacius come through's kind of humbling if you really think about it.

But I digress. All of you are talented artists, each and every one of you. Never. Stop. If it's cars, if its magazine covers, if its drawings on your notebooks because your teacher doesn't know how to give a good presentation, never lose that drive. I haven't been posting many cars on here for the simple fact that I haven't done anything good enough, but in my chopping absence, I was/am a publicist for a regionally-recognized organization at a world-renown university and now? I make up half of the graphics department at the Fiesta Bowl (which includes the Insight Bowl and Fiesta Bowl football games). I would not have the design talent I have today if I did not have this website. I know it sounds corny, but simply by being in a generally-supportive community such as this, you are becoming better in areas you probably aren't even thinking about. You're getting the confidence and the ability to take on any challenge out there in the real world, and believe you me, it's terrifying out there. You have no idea what doors are being opened for you JUST BY POSTING YOUR WORK FOR PEOPLE TO SEE.


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Contest #58 - 2008 Audi S5 -WINNERS!

2008 Audi S5 -WINNERS!

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