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Powerful Image editor at par with Adobe Photoshop
by: Bahrur Rahman

RahmanImager 2.0 delivers must-have imaging features and tools for professional photographers, web and graphic designers with hundreds of retouching filters, sleek interface and support for a staggering number of image formats. It is one of the best alternatives to expensive and complex image editors like Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro etc.

RahmanImager 2.0 is an industry standard image editing suite with all the features found in high end image editors, but at an incredible low price. It boasts itself as an advanced full featured digital Image processing and manipulation platform with support for layers, vast arrays of image formats, filters, special effects, artistic colorizing, textures, tools, optimizers, batch processing & conversion, album generator etc. The vast availability of filters and retouching tools and the introduction of an extensive set of new features allow photographers, web and graphic designers and general users alike to quickly and artistically manipulate and enhance digital photos, or create from raw scratch power. Furthermore most digital images, no matter how artistically developed, they always need some enhancement in the form of correcting the contrast, hue, saturation, brightness or simply by getting variations of your photo by controlling the colour balance. With the correct tools and filters, correcting photos are just a matter of seconds with RahmanImager.

RahmanImager comes packed with a set of drawing and painting tools such as selection, Brush, Airbrush, Fill, Stamp Applier, Gradient Applier, Shapes, Colour Picker, pencil etc. The Gradation tool is a special artistic tool which applies a spectrum of two colours (gradients between them) to the image. By learning some few simple techniques, you can easily control the effect of the gradient spectrum and produce some great photo enhancement. Textures provide a means for providing a holistic view of the image. You can use you own texts (words) as texture to be inscribed on the whole surface of the current image or you can get an image from your disk to act as a texture for the current image.

One can employ RahmanImager in three mode of image processing. Enhance Mode enables user to paint, adjust and enhance images with more than 140+ filters and retouching tools. The layer mode creates an image with various components in the form of texts (3D, shadowed, embossed or engraved) and images with full transparency. The Optimize Mode allows quick preview of the image from the Enhance mode in a web format (JPG, GIF, PNG) with minute optimization settings.

RahmanImager supports full layer capability with optional transparency and various text effects, 3D texture, lighting effects, shadow etc. You can hide, delete, merge individual layer. Move each layer anywhere, edit and manipulate each layer independently. With more than 80+ graphics functions available to enhance/manipulate each independent layer, you can create impressive effects, and combined different layers to bring upon a desired look.

Apply one of the 6 Colour maps to quantify the colour distribution and save images with more than 10 dithering effects. RahmanImager can save upto 21 image formats including its own native layer format, Rahman Layer Format (RLF) which saves all the layers information for future retrieval and reference. The RLF format use a compressed format which amazingly reduced the resultant file size to just some hundred kilobytes thereby making it feasible for transfer over the internet even. In fact, an image with all the layers saved in RLF format occupies just 1/6th times than that of Photoshop's PSD or Paintshop's PSP without compromising image quality.

With batch processing feature, RahmanImager is capable of cloning and replicating the same functions and processes defined in one image into thousands of images. All you have to do is deciding what functions you want to apply to the images. Batch converter provides you with an ability to choose from the most effective compression formats for your image for the web, e-mailing, storing, faxing, etc.. You can inter-convert images in bulks with minute optimization. Album generator creates HTML galleries in meaningful collections, page by page with a nice layout including titles and descriptions, so the pictures can actually tell a story and you can show them to friends and family like you used to show a scrapbook or a photo album.

One can backtrack up to any level of actions performed, so that one have plenty of room for creative experimentation without worrying about losing the original content. For easy restoration, there is an interactive Undo/Redo panels for all actions performed on the images. The inbuilt thumbnail browser lists all files from 56 image formats either in icon or thumbnail mode, thereby making it easier to locate your photos.

To conclude, this powerful yet very easy to use image editor comes with many professional features, a lot of retouching & designing from scratch power, and hours of fun. It is a great platform for every enthusiastic user because of its capability to adjust, edit, enhance or retouch any image with vast array of filters, effects and artistic tools. Possibilities are countless and up to your imagination!

RahmanImager 2.0 is available in two editions - BASIC and PROFESSIONAL. The professional edition provides batch processing and conversion as well as an album generator to create HTML galleries.

RahmanImager 2.0 offers users a free 30 days evaluation trial period so that they can try out if the software suites their needs. The Basic edition is priced at USD 19.99 whereas the Professional edition is priced at USD 29.99. The setup package for both editions is available for download and the size are less than 10 megabytes, making it easier to download even from a dial up connection.

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About The Author

Bahrur Rahman
Oriens Solution Incorporated
Founded in 2002 and headed by Bahrur Rahman, Oriens Solution Incorporated builds high-end imaging solutions commercially as well as customized products for reputed international companies.

9-20 Addison Street, Kensington
Sydney, NSW 2033
Phone: 61 431175176



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