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Creating Bullet Holes Tutorial
This tutorial will show you how to create a realistic bullet hole pattern on your car.

Step 1:

Lets start off with this beautiful Infiniti.


Step 2:

Create a new 640 X 480 Blank canvas and paint bucket fill it with black.


Step 3:

Now select your square marquee tool. set the Style to Fixed Size. Width 40px Height 480px.


Step 4:

Use the marquee tool and move the selection to the far left.  Fill it with a white color.  After it is filled deslect it.


Step 5:

Now use Filter/Stylize/Wind and use the settings I have below.


Step 6:

Now we need to go Image/Rotate Canvas/ 90 degrees CW


Step 7:

Now use Filter/Distort/Polar Coordinates and use the settings I have below.


Step 8:

Now press Cntrl + I to invert the image like so.


Step 9:

Now you will select the white area from the above picture and then hit the delete key.  First make sure your main image is not locked.  The background should then be transparent.  In the image below it is black, but disregard that as it should be transparent.


Step 10:

Now copy your image and paste it on your original car picture.  You will probably have to free transform the bullet hole so that it is smaller.  You don't want a big cannon hole.  Or maybe you do.


Step 11:

Now you can open up your blending options for the new bullet layer.


Step 12:

Now open up the blending options for each layer of bullets.  Choose Inner shadow and make sure you have the below settings.


Step 13:

Do the same here for Bevel and Emboss.


Step 14:

Continue to same thing here and make sure your settings are as mine are for the Contour.


Step 15:

Like the last two steps, move towards the Color overlay and make sure your color is B9B9B9 and set the blend to multiply.


Step 16:

Now we will click on the Stroke style and make your settings the same as mine as shown below.


Step 17:

Now go ahead and duplicate your layer to create more bullet patterns and move them around to where ever you want them.


Step 18:

Your final product should look something like this.



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