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Car Tire Burnout
This tutorial will show you how to create a realistic front wheel drive car tire burnout.

Step 1:

Lets start off by using this Mercedes Kompressor.

Step 2:

Use the polygon lasso tool and select your front tire assuming your car is front wheel drive.

Step 3:

Now with your selection still selected choose Filter/Blur/Radial Blur.  Use some where between 35 and 40.

Step 4: 

Your wheel should look something like this.  You can do both wheels or just the front and or just the back.  Ive done just the front in this exapmple.

Step 5: 

Now on your color palete your foreground is going to be a greay color and your background white.

Step 6: 

First Create a New Layer and then choose Filter/Render/Clouds.  Your image should look something like this.

Step 7: 

Make sure to choose Pin Light for this layer.

Step 8: 

Lets now select the earaser tool and use a brush that has soft edges.  We don't want to directly cut our smoke with straight lines.  Erase the spots you don't want the smoke to be.  You should have something like this.

Step 9: 

Right click on your smoke layer and choose Blending Options.  Play around with your Bevel and Contour.

Step 10:

In the end you should have something similar to this.



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