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Carbon Fiber Tutorial - Automotive Editing

Carbon Fiber Tutorial
Ever want to add a carbon fiber hood or carbon fiber anything to your car?  View this tutorial for one way of creating this carbon fiber effect to your image.

Make a new document that's 12x6 pixels in size and has a transparent background.

Now select the top left corner and fill it diagonally with a black to white gradient. Do the same with the bottom right corner.

Now define the pattern you've created.

Name the pattern and click ok.

Alright. Now that we have that out of the way, we can start on the car. Open your picture and select the part of the vehicle to be carbon fibered.

Make a new layer via copy.

Desaturate the newly made layer. 

Go to brightness/contrast and darken the layer a bit.

Next, go to fill layer.

STEP #10
Find the pattern you made earlier and click ok.

STEP #11
Rasterize your new fill layer.


STEP #12
Now go adjust the perspective.

STEP #13
Make it so it looks good compared to the angle of your original image.

STEP #14
Then give it a little twirl.

STEP #15
Now to select just the hood, you hold command and click on the hood layer (You should have 3 layers. The original, the hood layer, and the pattern fill layer. I know in some of these pics I have an extra layer. Disregard that.) The command click is for Macintosh. For PC it might be Alt click or control click.

STEP #16
Select inverse.

STEP #17
After you've selected the inverse, just press delete. It should look like this afterwards.

STEP #18
Now lower the opacity of the fill layer a bit.

STEP #19
Ok, now combine the pattern fill layer and the hood layer. Now you should only have 2 layers. The new carbon fiber hood layer and the original image. Lower the opacity of the hood layer a little.

DONE!  =)


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