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Filtered Sunlight Lines
This tutorial will show you how to create a realistic filtered sunlight lines.

Step 1:

Lets start with this Lotus Elise.  We are first going to choose the object tool and select the diagonal line option that I have selected in the below image.


Step 2:

Drag your diagonal pattern onto your Lotus.  Adjust the image so it is just overlapping the outside of your host subject image.


Step 3:

With your new layer choose the overlay layer.


Step 4:

Now choose Filter/Blur/Gausian Blur.  Set the radius to about 3.1.


Step 5:

Reduce the opacity of your lines to about 70%.


Step 6:

Choose the polygon lasso tool and select the excess diagonal lines around your subject image.  Like I have below.  Once selected hit the delete key.  This will get rid of the un-needed lines.


Step 7:

Now you want to make the lines look a little less uniform.  You can do this by clicking on Edit/Transform/Distort.


Step 8:

Once distorted we are going to apply a gausian blur again.  Click on Filter/Blur/Gausian Blur.  Set your radius a littler higher this time.  I have chosen 4.7.


Step 9:

In th end you should have something like this.



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