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Tail Light Conversion
This tutorial will show you how to change your tail lights and insert another set from a donor car..

Step 1: 

Lets take this NISSAN for our donor tails.

Step 2: 

This LOTUS will be our host vehicle.

Step 3: 

Use the polygon lasso tool and select one of the tails from the donor car.

Step 4: 

Click Edit/Copy and then Edit/Paste on the host car.

Step 5: 

Once pasted on it is not going to quite fit yet.

Step 6: 

We will then need to use the free transform tool and mold the light so it looks like it fits a little better.  We are not done yet.

Step 7: 

Next we are going to select Edit/Transform/Distort.  This will give use the perspective we are looking for.

Step 8: 

Once the light is distorted it will appear like it fits a little better.  Then we are going to use the clone stamp tool and select our original layer and take a sample of the paint around the tail light. 

Step 9: 

Then we are going to stamp around the old tail light.  This will remove it from the picture and give it a clean look. 

Step 10: 

Now we are going to go back to our NISSAN and select the other tail using the polygon lasso tool.

Step 11: 

Paste it on the host car and use the free transform and distort tool again to make it fit.

Step 12: 

Here you can see the light after the distort tool was used.

Step 13: 

Now back on the original layer we are going to usethe polygon lasso tool and select around the areas of the old tail that we want to cover up.

Step 14: 

Using the clone stamp tool pick a part of the paint that will look realistic when the old light is covered.  Here is a picture of me starting to clone it around the old tail.  You may wish to use the eraser tool as well and just round the edges of our donor lights.  Give it a little more realism.

Step 15: 

Here is our final product. 



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