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Putting an Image In Text
This tutorial will show you how to put an image in text.

Step 1:

Open up a new document, any size you want.  Get the text tool out and make the TEXT how you want.


Step 2:

Grab the image you want inside the text, paste it or drag it into the document.


Step 3:

Make sure that layer is above the text layer, then hold Control and hit G, (CONTROL-G)


Step 4:

Right click on the text layer where it says "testing" and proceed to click on "Blending Options..."


Step 5: 

Set your options to these settings...

Step 6:

Like so ....with drop shadow


Step 7:

Like so .... with Inner Shadow.


Step 8:

Like this with Bevel and Emboss.


Step 9:

Like this with the Contour option.


Step 10:

Like this with Texture. 


Step 11:

Your final product should look something like this.  Ta Da!



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