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Carbon Fiber
This tutorial will show you how to create a realistic looking carbon fiber.

Step 1:

Okay, we'll be using this car and we're going to cf the hood.

Step 2:

Using the polygonal lasso tool, select the part of the car you would like to carbon fiber. Then press ctrl+c and ctrl+v to make it a new layer.

Step 3:

Press ctrl+click on the new layer of the hood to select it. now go to image>adjustments>replace color. now use the eyedropper tool to select a color on the hood that covers the majority of the hood. then go to the bottom of the window and choose a really dark, desaturated green color. and bring the fuzziness to 200. this allows to keep the colored reflections from the original hood. press okay and you can mess with the brightness and contrast or levels to your liking if you wish.

Step 4:

Now we are going to use this cf pattern(credit to patel...i just found it on some other tutorial).

Step 5:

So stretch the pattern until it covers the hood, and then ctrl+click on the hood layer. then press ctrl+shift+i to invert the selection. then press ctrl+x to cut.

Step 6:

Ok, now name that layer cf1. change blending mode to soft light and change the layer opacity to 80. now the thing with carbon fiber is, less is more. in pics of real carbon, you never see the pattern on the entire hood because it is so light-sensitive. so set your eraser to 25% and 0 hardness at a fairly big size and start fading away the carbon fiber. the farther away the cf, the less of the pattern you see. also, if there are indents and shaping on the hood, want to make sure that the cf pattern does not go straight over them.

Step 7:

Now we are going to repeat this step with a different carbon pattern (credit goes to however made this image...i dont remember where i found it). this step is optional given it works much better on other pics than others. Name this layer cf2. So take this pattern and set the blending mode to soft light, and change the opacity to 40-50. repeat the erasing step.

Step 8:

Now your image should look like this.

Step 9:

You can mess around more with the contrast and saturation if you like, but your final product should look something like this.



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