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Underglow Tutorial
In this tutorial We'll teach you how to create an authentic looking underglow kit for your next chop!


Choose a car. Try to make sure the care is in a darker type background or a dusk shot. If not just make it that way before starting.

Using the polygon lasso tool select the areas of the car that you want your glow to cast a reflection on.


Choose Edit, copy. Then choose edit paste. This will create a new layer of your selection.



Go back to the original layer and use the polygon lasso tool to create where the glow tubes will be on the car. Once you have created a selection of where you want the glow tubes to be simply fill it with the Fill tool and choose the color you want for the glow.


Don't worry that the glow is on the outside right now. We will fix that.


While the glow is selected right click on the layer and choose blending options. Check the box next to Outer Glow. Make sure the mode is set to screen and the opacity is set to around 96 and the noise is zero. Also make sure that the color is the same as your fill color. At least make it close.

My spread is set to 11 and the size is in the high 80's. Leave the quality section as default

It should look something like this now.



Now all you have to do is drag the newly created layer inbetween the other two layers and voila. Quick and easy.


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