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Flip Paint Tutorial
This tutorial will teach you how to create that chromatic type of flip paint effect on your latest chop.


Start by selecting the paint of the vehicle using the polygon lasso tool. Remember to remove the selection from the headlights, windows, and vents.

Once selected create a new layer.

Go back to the mail layer and desaturate it by clicking on image, adjustments, desaturate.


Now go back to the blank layer that you created and click on the gradient tool and select what type of color pattern you would like to use or just create your own.


Now with the gradient line just move it around on the pic until you find out what type of pattern you like.


Now just open the layer options as seen in the bottom right corner and choose whatever seems to work. In the case of this picture I chose the Color option. Don't get disgruntled as you may need to play with the opacity a little bit.

Step 7:

Here is another version of what it can look like. I used the rainbow effect on this one. Just play around and have fun.


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