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While using the 'Polygonal or Magnetic Lasso Tools (L)' for creating selections often I click ahead of the intended area and fin

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Can I add Html Text formatting in my Photoshop or ImageReady layout?


Follow these few steps: (Both Photoshop & ImageReady)
A. Select the Slice Select Tool, then double click the Slice you want to apply html text formatting.
B. Then from the 'Slice Options' dialog, change the 'Slice Type' feature from 'Image' to 'No Image'.
C. A 'Text Displayed in Cell' field appears to allow for normal text or html formatted text.


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Is it possible to use my operating systems Color Picker other than the default Photoshop Color Picker?


Hit Ctrl+K (Mac:Command+K) to open the Preferences.
In the 'General' area, from the second drop down option captioned 'Color Picker', select your operating system, Windows/Apple.

(You will obviously only see the your OS option and not both)


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How do I create a border around my image?

A. Create a new layer. (Shift+Ctrl+N / Mac: Shift+Command+N)
B.Drag that new layer to the top of the Layers Palette stacking order.
C.Ctrl+A /Mac:Command+A to activate a selection surrounding your entire document.
D.Go 'Edit/Stroke' menu command.
E. Set your desired Stroke width, color, location, blending & opacity options.

Then OK.


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How can I auto center a layer on drag and drop from one document to another?

Hold the Shift key as you drag from the base document to the target document will automatically center align it.


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How do I locate the hidden Tools on the Toolbar? Grouped Tools have a small triangle in the lower right of the head tool for that particular group.

Click and hold on the head tool that has the triangle icon and the flyout group/menu appears.

Toggle to one of the grouped Tools, hold the Shift key + that main Tools key shortcut.
For eample, to cycle through the Shape Tools (U) (Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygonal, Line, Custom) hold the Shift Key + U.

To find out what the active Tools keyboard shortcut is, it's the Letter to the far right of the tool title.

For tools that don't have a flyout menu and you whant instant access to it's keyboard shortcut turn on the 'Show Tool Tips' Option via 'Edit/Preferences/General' menu command. That way everytime you mouse over a Tool the corresponding keyboard shortcut will pop up in an info caption.

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I would like to save my ImageReady animation as a QuickTime movie but it is not under the save as options. Where is this option located?

Open ImageReady, then:
A. File/Export/Original Document
B. Choose the QuickTime Movie from the Save As Type menu
C. Then choose a desired compression options


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Can Layer Effects be converted into separate layers? Yes.

A. Select the Layer that contains the layer effects.
B. Right click (Mac:Control click) on the 'f' symbol to the far right of the layer title.
C. From the context menu list, choose Create Layers.
Alternatively, choose 'Layer/Layer Style/Create Layers' menu command option.

Note: That layer effect will no longer be editable

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My cursor has reverted to a crosshair for every tool I use. How do I get the default tool cursor to appear?

More than often you 'Caps Lock' key is on.

Turn it off and the crosshair cursor will revert back to the default active tool.


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While using the 'Polygonal or Magnetic Lasso Tools (L)' for creating selections often I click ahead of the intended area and find myself starting over again. Is there an easier way to handle this?

Indeed there is an easier way to handle this.
Simply hit the 'Delete' key on your keyboard to erase recently/unwanted segments.
Then proceed with your selection.


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I open a .gif file in Photoshop but I am unable to edit it. How to resolve this?

Bear in mind that .gif files by default carry the 'Indexed' color mode.
To allow for full edit abilities you must convert from 'Indexed' to 'RGB'.

Simply go 'Edit/Mode' and select the 'RGB' option from the list.


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