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How do I locate the hidden Tools on the Toolbar? Grouped Tools have a small triangle in the lower right of the head tool for that particular group.

Click and hold on the head tool that has the triangle icon and the flyout group/menu appears.

Toggle to one of the grouped Tools, hold the Shift key + that main Tools key shortcut.
For eample, to cycle through the Shape Tools (U) (Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygonal, Line, Custom) hold the Shift Key + U.

To find out what the active Tools keyboard shortcut is, it's the Letter to the far right of the tool title.

For tools that don't have a flyout menu and you whant instant access to it's keyboard shortcut turn on the 'Show Tool Tips' Option via 'Edit/Preferences/General' menu command. That way everytime you mouse over a Tool the corresponding keyboard shortcut will pop up in an info caption.


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