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How do I add a new Browser item to the preview in Browser list within Photoshop?

A. First go to 'File/Save For The Web'
B. Within the Save for the Web Panel, lower right, select the Browser Menu command option.
(Browser Menu command option has your default Browser icon next to it and is just to the left of the 'Edit in ImageReady' command button)
C. From the Browser Menu context list there are two additional options entitled 'Other...' & 'Edit List...'.

Select 'Other...' allows you to manually select the main Browser executable of your choice.
Select 'Edit List...' reveals all available browsers on your system including the (default) one used for the 'Preview in'.
If you installed a new Browser and it does not appear in the list hit the 'Find All' command.
If your choice of Browser does not appear, hit the 'Add' to manually to locate it on your system.
When your Browser choice is in the list, select it, then hit the 'Set As Default' command.


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How can I create simple dotted lines in Photoshop CS? A. In a new document, and on a floating layer, select the 'Line Tool (U)' from the Toolbar (It's under the Rectangle Tool).
B. Activate the 'Shape Layers' Options Bar feature for this shape tool.
C. Click and drag to draw a line. (Hold Shift key to create a straight line)
D. Go to 'Window/Styles' menu command to open the Style Palette.
E. On the upper far right of the Styles Palette, select the palette options menu icon. (arrow)
F. From the context menu list choose the style called 'Dotted Strokes'
G. Select from the 42 default dotted stroke presets to be applied to your Line created in step C.

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Is there a quick solution to cycle through the Gradient Tool presets?

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts available to help you.

Select the 'Gradient Tool (G)' on the Toolbar to activate the Options Bar features, then:
A. Use the , (comma key) selects the Previous preset while the . (period key) selects the Next preset
B. Use the [ (left bracket key) selects the Previous Gradient Style, while the ] (right bracket key) moves to the Next gradient style (Linear, Radial, etc.)
C. Use the < ( or Shift+Comma keys) takes you to the First Gradient Preset, while the > (or Shift+Period keys) takes you directly to the last Gradient Preset.


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Why, in Photoshop CS, the JPG option is not available in the 'Save As' list from the File menu command?

The most likely cause of it is your image is in 16 bit mode.

You must convert your image to 8 bit mode first (Image/Mode/8 Bits Channel), then go to the 'File/Save As' to select the 'JPG' option.


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How do I create a fixed size Selection, Shape or Path? For the 'Selection Tool (M)':

1. Go to the 'Options Bar' and choose either 'Fixed Aspect Ratio' or Fixed Size' from the 'Style' drop down list.
2. Then set the W/H integers as they become active to the right of the Style option.

For the 'Shape Tool (U)' :

1. Go to the 'Options Bar'
2. Select the 'Geometry Options' drop down arrow command. (Its to the immediate right of the 'Custom Shape' icon)
3. Set the W/H to a 'Fixed' or 'Proportional' size.

Note: Switch to the other 'Shape Tools' for additional 'Geometry Options' specific to that tool.

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How can I quickly display an image at 100%?

Double-click on the 'Zoom Tool (Z)' on the Toolbar.

Alternatively, go 'View/Actual Pixels' menu command option. (Alt+Ctrl+0 / Mac: Option+Command+0)


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Is there a way to determine the exact width & height of Selections, Shapes or Paths as I draw them to the canvas? A sure way is to view the dimensions via the 'Info Palette'.

Go 'Window/Info' or hit the F8 key to open the 'Info Palette'.

Tip: Click the 'Crosshair Icon' to the lower left of the 'Info Palette' for a menu of Unit Options.

Set your desired unit option.
Then with either 'Selection Tool (M)', 'Shape Tool (U), or the 'Shape Tool/with Path Options' selected, click and drag unto your document and keep a close eye on the 'W/H' (Width/Height) integers to the lower right of the 'Info Palette'

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How can I keep the default Palette & Dialog box positions and not have Photoshop remember the last user setting?

Go to 'Edit/Preferences/General' (Mac: Photoshop/Preferences/General).
Then deselect the 'Save Palette Locations' on the right hand side.


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I am restricted from viewing the Help Files under Win XP with Service Pack 2 installed. How do I correct this?

For detailed instructions to correct this issue Adobe has posted a detailed techinical solution for this.
Please read more about it here.


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How can I turn off Slice Badges?

Go to the 'Edit/Preferences' menu command.
Then to the 'Guides,Grids & Slices' category.
Then down towards the bottom untick 'Show Slice Numbers'.

Click 'OK' to commit Preferences changes.


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