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Eye Color Change
This tutorial will show you how to change eye color.

Step 1: 

Lets start off with this gorgeous girl and her blue eyes.

Step 2:

Using the polygon lasso tool we are going to outline the iris of the eye and not select the pupil.  Make sure to hold down shift when selecting the other eye.  This will allow you to select to unjoining objects at once.


Step 3: 

Next select Image/Adjust/Color Balance.  Play around with whatever you like here.  In this case I have chosen to change the eye color to green.

Step 4: 

Next you can change the levels a little to give the eye color more of a deep color and not so bright.  Click on Image/Adjustments/Levels.  Play around.  It all depends on what eye color you chose in the first place.

Step 5: 

Now to give it the final realistic touch.  Click on Image/Adjustments/Brightness/Contrast.  Now we are going to lower the contrast giving it a duller realistic look. 

Step 6: 

Here is my final product.



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