1000pcs VINTAGE MAINFRAME COMPUTER PUNCH CARDS. IBM 80-column card format 70-80s For Sale

1000pcs VINTAGE MAINFRAME COMPUTER PUNCH CARDS. IBM 80-column card format 70-80s

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1000pcs VINTAGE MAINFRAME COMPUTER PUNCH CARDS. IBM 80-column card format 70-80s:

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VINTAGE 1970-1980s USSR Mainframe Computer Punch Card Lot of 100pcs for First Soviet Mainframes. IBM 80-column punched card formats! Size: 18.7x8.3 cm Material: paper
Color: cream Standard: TY 57-7-81
Manufacturer: Soyuzschettehnika Country: Made In USSR
Application: Old USSR mainframes: BESM, MIR, Minsk-32, ES-10XX and others Item condition: new, not used

We sell set of 1000 pcs cream colored punch cards for vintage USSR Soviet Mainframes in perfect condition (NOS). Many years ago these punch cards were used instead of CD/DVD and Flash drives in Soviet mainframes (series: BESM, MIR, Minsk-32, ES-1060 and others series ES-10XX). One side of the card is printed numbers 0-80 and is blank on the other side of the punch card. These Soviet punch cards were created as an analogue of IBM punch cards in period 1960-1980s in USSR. Also similar punch cards were used for first mainframes in USA (IBM series: 704/709/711/709/7094, American machines UNIVAC) and also for others computing systems. With help machines and these punch cards first programmers wrote first programs using programming languages: Cobol, Algol, Fortran, Assembler and others. We even saw the first games for mainframe developed with help Fortran and similar punch cards about 15 years ago. This is the last memories of the past era of vintage Computing Technologies and Computing Machinery! This can be very good souvenir and surprise for fans of computer technology. Very good use of these cards for notes and memos. If you want, we can change number of these punch cards for the Item in current Lot or create new Lot for you. See also additional photos where you can see applying these punch cards in the Soviet industry. In these photos you can see equipment for work with these punch cards in period 1970-1980s. We have a small amount of punch cards. With each new sale amount of punch cards decreases and the price can rise. Please, see all photos! Small pictures are clickable and can be enlarged for viewing.

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Industrial Equipment for First Mainframes and Punch Cards
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